The One-on-One Time You Deserve

Your inner beauty shines as you move and breathe, connecting mind-body-spirit. A step-by-step progression occurs over your first six weeks of consecutive Yoga classes. We'll move at YOUR pace, learning breath and movement sequences that meet you where you are.

The Ins and Outs of You

Below are options for you to choose from when considering Just for You Yoga. 

Body Wise Beginner

6-Week Series

Have you always wanted to try yoga, but big classes seem intimidating? One-on-One learning is a great place way begin. Create a strong foundation with Yoga essentials.

Embodiment Challenge

6-Week Series

Are you ready to deepen your personalized Yoga practice, moving on from beginner stages? Experience the benefits of a sustained and regular Yoga practice.

Breath Builder

6-Week Series

Build a breath awareness practice and your bridge to peace in structured breathing classes that will help you breathe with ease, especially in anxious or stressful moments.

Sleep Sound Wellness

6-Week Series

Have you been counting sheep to no avail? With practice, learning to move into rest and relaxation can support you through Yoga practices personalized for you.

Joint Care Kindness

6-Week Series

Trouble with achy joints or stiffness? Regular and gentle movement with breathing can help ease pain and provide rejuvenation through Yoga practices personalized for you.


6-Week Series

Explore sound and the power of mantra for Self-realization in meditation classes that include breath, movement, and mantra chosen specifically for you.

Not sure of which series is the best one for you? I offer a complimentary discovery call to chat about your goals, needs, and interests.


What to Expect in Just for You Yoga

Step 1

In your first one-on-one session, we'll meet to talk about your goals and how a personalized Yoga practice can support you.

This introductory session will include a strength and flexibility discovery, a review of any current or past injuries and a conversation about current health concerns.

After we meet, I will prepare a customized Yoga plan specifically for you to commence in your first of five weekly follow-up classes.

Step 2

After your assessment is complete, we'll dig into One-on-One Yoga.

I will guide you as you steadily progress and we co-create a Yoga practice that supports your goals, health needs, and lifestyle. 

Each new class includes checking in, review of your practice, feedback and adjustments based on your progress.

At the conclusion of your weekly sessions, I will provide you with an updated practice based on any adjustments and changes that need to be made to your practice.

Step 3

Your Yoga Journey also includes a customized Yoga practice that you can do at home.

We'll talk about the best time of day for you to practice as well as the ideal length and time you can devote to a daily practice.

Your customized practice will include select tools of Yoga, and may vary depending on your personal needs. Yoga tools include Yoga postures, breathing, sound, and visualization in carefully chosen ways to help you meet your goals and support you on your healing path.