The Mighty Duo

The Many Shapes of Yoga for Two

Ready to stretch, laugh and have fun?

Come together to explore Yoga with a friend, mate, co-worker, child, or sibling. You'll have fun as you encourage each other to learn and grow.

A step-by-step progression occurs over your first six weeks of consecutive Yoga classes. We'll move at YOUR pace, learning breath and movement sequences that meet the two of you where you are.

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A Joyful Duet

  • A Class for Two. Create a strong foundation with one-on-one attention and Yoga essentials.
  • Enjoy an Intimate Setting. Connect with friends and loved ones, restore connections, deepen intimacy, and grow your appreciation for one another.
  • Be Accountability Partners. Built-in accountability when you pair up to learn Yoga together.
  • Deepen Your Yoga practice. Move from beginner stages and beyond to experience the benefits of a sustained and regular Yoga practice, on your own or with your partner.
  • Improve Breathing Together. When you breathe with your partner, you'll notice you each have your own way of breathing. With practice, you'll improve your breath capacity while building a bridge to each other and peace.
  • Calm your Mind. Together, you'll learn to move into rest and relaxation for more peaceful states of mind.
  • Ease achy Joints or Stiffness. Regular and gentle movement with breathing can help ease pain and provide rejuvenation through take-home Yoga practices personalized for you and your partner.

relaxation breathing

Joined Together in Mindful Wisdom

Step 1

Your first Yoga session begins with an assessment. We'll talk about why you the two of you are interested in trying Yoga together, your goals and what you are looking to gain.

Then we will break out into 20-minute Yoga assessments for each person in your duo.

Individual assessments will include a postural assessment, strength and flexibility discovery, and review of any current or past injuries.

After we meet, I will prepare a customized 5-week plan to commence in your first of 5-weekly sessions together.

Step 2

After your assessment is complete, you will begin five more weeks of classes in a series of personalized classes for two.

I will guide you as you steadily progress and we co-create a Yoga practice that supports the goals and health needs of each participant. Your individual needs will be different, and I will create practice that includes modifications for each participant.

Each week's class includes checking in, review of your practice, and adjustments based on your feedback.

Step 3

Your Yoga Journey also includes customized Yoga practices that you can both do at home. We'll talk about the best time of day for each of you to practice as well as the ideal length and time you can devote to a daily practice.

Your customized practices will include select tools of Yoga, and may vary depending on your personal needs.

Yoga tools include Yoga postures, breathing, sound, and visualization in carefully chosen ways to help you meet your goals and support you on your healing path.

Personalized and Supportive

"My husband and I have enjoyed Mighty Duo classes for years. I occasionally suffer from back pain and Sarah has created a customized practice to help alleviate the pain. At the same time, she creates an individualized practice for my partner that supports his needs.

— Jaynelle R.