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Imagine Yourself in a Small-Group Setting

You and your fellow classmates are the lucky recipients of personalized attention and instruction. As you explore body postures, breathing, and meditation techniques, you are encouraged to explore mindfulness and awareness - all the while making mistakes and having fun as you learn.

Just for You Yoga


Practice Yoga with YOU in mind while learning at YOUR pace. Individual guidance, focused attention, and valuable take-home resources and practices.

Couples Yoga

The Mighty Duo

Yoga for Two

Stretch, laugh, and have fun when you come together to explore Yoga with a friend, mate, child, or sibling in the many shapes of Yoga for two.


Small-Group Classes

Gentle Yoga

Discover your pathway to releasing the pressures, misfires, and weekly grind challenges in this restorative breath and movement class for all levels.

Veterans Yoga Project

Mindful Resilience Class

In the Get in Gear Yoga Class, participants learn exercises to balance and be balanced in all areas of life.


Movement and Meditation

Online classes for people, families, and caretakers living with Parkinson's Disease in partnership with the Parkinson's Support Group in Green Valley.

Therapeutic Yoga

Healing Yoga

A nurturing and holistic approach, providing essential support to those on a healing journey from a range of health concerns.

Yoga Therapist & Teacher

Sarah D. Beaudry

Owner/Founder, Blessings Yoga, LLC

Guiding my students to explore Yoga practices that enliven their spirits and nurture their hearts fills me with inspiration for good things to arise.

Conscious breathing plays a major role in the customized Yoga practices I teach. As you breathe, it connects body and mind creating a sense of calm. Yoga activates your healing system bringing your nervous system into homeostasis as it creates a presence within. I am here when you are ready to awaken this connection.

Come and experience personalized classes tailored to your needs with a blend of down-to-earth guidance and a gentle pace suitable for beginners and seasoned practitioners alike.

Be guided through gentle movements and mindful breathing and meditation classes designed to cultivate a deep sense of awareness, gratitude, and ease promoting both relaxation and rejuvenation.

Whispering Heart Newsletter

Savoring the Soft Voices of Our Souls

  • Reflections: intentional pauses to ponder.
  • Affirmations: Infusions of uplifting energy.
  • Gratitude Prompts: Nudges to express thanks.
  • Calming Meditations: A moment of peace for your day.
  • Your Story: Quirky Quests in the daily life of a seeker.
  • Yoga Class and Event Updates: Stay in the loop on happenings.
  • And more.

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