Healing &Health

Nourish Your Soul

Guiding my students to explore Yoga practices that enliven their spirits and nurture their hearts fills me with inspiration for good things to arise.


Conscious breathing plays a major role in the customized Yoga practices I teach. As you breathe, it connects body and mind creating a sense of calm. Yoga activates your healing system as it creates a presence within.


It's a joy to share
the many gifts of Yoga with you!

Discovery &Joy

Empower YourSelf

Shining from within is possible as Yoga fuels the mind-body-spirit connection. NOW is the time to create that space.


Pause, stretch, clear your mind, feel grounded and body-aware as you participate in Blessings Yoga classes.


I'm here when you are ready to awaken this connection. Together, we shall journey into a world of intoxicating possibilities.

Balance. Focus. Health.
The list is limitless.

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Yoga Joy Online

Welcome Peace and
Joy into Your Day

It's easy and fun to treat yourself to 20 minutes of Yoga Joy from the comfort of your home or work space.

Be Grounded and Connected to Unseen Opportunities of the Day


Just for You Yoga

The One-on-One Time
You Deserve

Discover the ins and outs of you as you move and breathe to awaken the mind-body-spirit connection.


Your Personalized
Yoga for Life


Yoga for Two

The Many Shapes
of Yoga Duets

Friends, couples, siblings, and parent-child combos encourage each other as they learn Yoga and grow together.

Stretch, Laugh, and 
Have Fun Together


Small-Group Promise

Overwhelmed by Big
Yoga Classes?


Come and experience a gentle pace of class with personal attention in a healing and peaceful setting.

Class size limited to
6 students