Health &Healing

Nourish Your Soul

I happily guide students to explore Yoga practices that enliven your spirit and nurture your heart.


Breathing plays a central role in the customized Yoga practices I share. Your breath connects body and mind. You'll fee a calm and centered presence within as Yoga activates your healing system.


It's a joy to share the many gifts of Yoga with you!

Joy & Discovery

Empower Your Self

Yoga fuels the mind-body-spirit connection and creates space for you to shine from within.


Blessings Yoga classes support you to awaken this connection. Curated classes embolden you to pause, stretch, clear your mind, and feel grounded and body-aware.


Together, we journey to a world of new possibilities: health, balance, focus, joy. The list is limitless.

Just for You Yoga

You deserve this one-on-one time. Take a deep breath and come discover the ins and outs of you; empowered by Personalized Yoga.

Yoga for Two

Yoga duets come in many shapes: partners, friends, couples, parent-child. You'll stretch your way to building each other up in trust and connection.

Small-Group Promise

Overwhelmed by big classes? Enjoy personal attention and a gentle pace of class in a healing setting. Class size limited to 6 people.

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