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The Gratitude Blossoms Club

A Blessings Yoga Community

Together, we nurture gratitude and appreciation, supporting one another other in our quest for mindful living and thankful hearts.

Imagine this: joining our Gratitude Blossoms Club. It's like having your own little support team — online and in person — for your mindfulness and gratitude quest. We're here to keep you motivated, inspired, and committed to personal growth and transformation, no matter what life throws your way.

And the perks? Well, fun, for one thing plus an abundance of cost benefits. As a member, you'll enjoy savings on all kinds of classes — whether you prefer going solo, partnering up with a friend, or enjoying some personalized attention in small groups.

We'll stay motivated in-person and online. So, let's dive into your quest for cultivating mindfulness and gratitude. Are you ready?

Blossom with Benefits

Complimentary-Tier Membership

Join the Gratitude Blossom Club as a Bloomer, absolutely free! Connect with our community conversations and access a variety of classes anytime, anywhere with our downloadable app. Check out all the services we offer, and you can upgrade to premium membership levels whenever you like.

Premium Essential

  • Explore all live and in-person classes and events to maintain your practice momentum.
  • Gain access to special savings for online courses and one-on-one, duo, and small-group classes.
  • Receive a heartfelt handwritten note and gift to kickstart your journey with us.

Premium Deluxe

  • Are you ready to surprise yourself? Achieve more than you thought possible? Discover your best Self with breathing,, meditation, and gratitude challenges.
  • Share your adventure with like-minded MoonBeamers — your wins, goals, and struggles.
  • (Plus benefits of Basic).

Premium Ultimate

  • Choose a goal or change you'd like to see unfold in your life.
  • Shift habits with Yogic support.
  • Align with your life's purpose and passion through appreciative inquiry, meditation, and visioning.
  • Share your quest with like-minded MoonBeamers — your wins, goals, and struggles.
  • (Plus benefits of Deluxe and Basic).


Class Garden


Experience a deeper connection to the present moment and discover a pathway to peace and vitality through breath awareness and conscious breathing.


Discover a pathway to inner calm and focus through mindful attention, helping you reconnect with the essence of your true self and find renewed clarity and peace.


Enjoy vibrational chants for a range of benefits, including improved memory and focus, enhanced mental discipline, and balanced energy.


Experience the art of mindful sipping combined with the power of gratitude and inner reflection, bringing a deeper sense of appreciation and tranquility to your everyday moments.


Explore the joy of empowering statements that inspire and uplift, helping you shape your thoughts and beliefs to transform your mindset.


Indulge in active relaxation sessions designed to guide you effortlessly into a state of peace, calm, and inner safety, leaving you refreshed and rejuvenated.


Discover chakra balance, harmonizing your energy centers for increased vitality and inner alignment, unlocking a newfound sense of balance and well-being.


Witness the transformative power of gratitude as it infuses your daily life with joy and deeper connections, enriching every moment with newfound appreciation.

Sloth-N-Steady Way

In the realm where sloths hold sway is the Sloth-N-Steady Way.

We jump in mud puddles for pleasing joy to stay,

And abandon being perfect for another day.

We embrace courage when we may not know the way,

And nurture our dreams with plans, passion, and play.

Never giving up even when we want to call it a day.

What do you say?

Would you like to come out and play the Sloth-N-Steady Way?


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