Breakfast for the Soul

Movement & Mantra-Meditation

Saturday, Nov. 11 | 9-10:30 a.m.

Experience the powerful combination of mindful movement and mantra-meditation.

The vibrations of these sacred Sanskrit sounds will take you on a journey of inner peace and Self-realization.

Feel your spirit soar as you are transported to a tranquil inner space of joy and contentment.

In this uplifting practice, we open our hearts and minds to the joy of connecting with our bodies and minds. We explore our inner world through gentle movement and breath, deepening our awareness with breathwork, mantra, and meditation on an object of nature. We take time to appreciate our inner being, allowing us to truly connect with ourselves and the joy of life.

Note: 24-hour advance booking and payment required to attend class.

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Heart-Opening Mindfulness

A Bridge to Self-Discovery

  • Enjoy Healing Vibrations of Sanskrit Mantras
  • Learn Traditional Yoga Poses
  • Enhance Body Awareness
  • Revitalize Energetic Pathways
  • Feel Energized and Calm All at Once
  • Improve Focus & Attention
  • Explore Breathing Practices
  • Experience Full-Body Relaxation
  • Create and Enjoy New Relationships
  • Enjoy Small-Group Class Size