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The Gift of Breath

Discover the Joy of Breathing

A Guide to Breathing: 6-Week Series

Finding joy in your breath is a journey that lasts a lifetime. Here, you can explore practices that support your healing and nurture your inner resources. The moment you decide to move in a new direction is when you embark on finding the source of tranquility within you. Imagine. Habits change. Thoughts clear. Your vision expands, and your life opens up! Imagine how glorious you'll feel when a sense of contentment and ease overflow into every area of your life. Access this peace in experiential and structured breathing practices.

Structured Breathing Practices

Each week, we explore a new breathing technique in 30-minutes of experiential learning over six weeks of incremental and progressive breathing to expand your breath capacity for healing and relaxation.

  • Easy to Digest. Enjoy 30-minute classes with personalized attention and hands-on learning as we review in-depth breathing techniques.
  • Empower your Breath. Build a breath awareness practice and improve your breath capacity while building a bridge to peace.
  • Calm your Mind. With practice, learn to move into rest and relaxation for a more peaceful state of mind.
  • Connect. Explore the power of breathing for Self-realization and mindfulness.
  • Complimentary online learning. Enjoy online guide, downloadable practices and tracker, and video tutorials to support learning.


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