Beginners Bliss Series

Yoga Made Simple

6-Week Series | Tuesdays, Oct. 10-Nov. 14

5:30-6:30 p.m.

yoga for stress relief

Connect with other newcomers in a safe, small-group setting and enjoy the many tools Yoga has to offer.

Move, wiggle and have fun as you learn how Yoga can improve your health and healing in a holistic way. Let the joy of Yoga fill your heart and spirit!

You and your fellow classmates are the lucky recipients of personalized attention and instruction. As you explore body postures, breathing, and meditation techniques, you will feel energized and joyous. You are encouraged to make mistakes and have fun as you learn, creating a joyful and supportive atmosphere.

Walk away fully equipped with Yoga essentials, take-home toolkit, class manual, and the confidence needed to practice Yoga in any setting.

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An Invitation to Embrace Ancient Wisdom

  • Enjoy Step-by-Step Instruction
  • Explore Yoga's Roots
  • Learn Traditional Yoga Poses
  • Become Body Aware
  • Understand Your Strength & Flexibility
  • Discover Your Breath
  • Explore Energetic Pathways
  • Feel Confident Practicing Yoga
  • Realize Focus & Attention
  • Experience Full-Body Relaxation
  • Find Comfort in a Healing Space
  • Enjoy small-class size
  • Take home structured practices
  • Have Fun

The Wisdom of the Yoga Sutras

The ancient Yogis of India have gifted us with a beautiful tradition. Through their wisdom and teachings, we have been granted the opportunity to learn from the Yoga Sutras, written by the sage Patanjali. Comprised of 196 aphorisms, the Yoga Sutras are a timeless source of inspiration and knowledge, available to us all.

The Rhythm of Movement in Asana

Explore a variety of standing, lying and sitting poses to build strength and flexibility, and learn how to modify poses to suit your individual needs. Feel confident and empowered as you learn how to coordinate your breath with movement for a mindful, holistic approach to practicing Yoga.

The Power of Breathing

The ancient Yogis understood the power of breath to influence one's body, mind, and emotions. Prānāyāma, the practice of extending life energy through breath, can help to unlock and unleash your potential within. By freeing blocks in all layers of the body, mind, and emotions, prānāyāma can help you to tap into your greatest gifts, and to shine from within.

The Joy of Meditation

With the right guidance, meditation can be a simple and doable practice. By breaking down the practice into simple and achievable steps, we can explore the use of objects, mantras, and Sanskrit sounds to reach a profound understanding of our inner being and the transformative power of this ancient practice.

Soulful and Balanced

"I've tried yoga before but often found some studios a bit challenging for a newbie and tight-hamstringed person like myself. Sarah is very helpful, making sure to listen to your needs and finding a balance between comfort and challenge. The environment in her studio is quiet and calming, and I always leave feeling refreshed and energized."

— Bryan R.