Sarah D. Beaudry

Owner/Founder of Blessings Yoga

Certified Yoga Therapist, Vedic Chant Teacher, RYT-500 and ERYT-200 Teacher, and Yoga Alliance Continuing Education Teacher

Simple Yoga tools will start you on your path to living life in balance and managing the stresses of everyday life. Together, we shall journey into a world of intoxicating possibilities. ​Balance. Focus. Health. The list of possibilities is limitless.

When I sit still and listen to the rhythm of my breath and the calling in my heart, I gain a deeper understanding of my true Self. It guides me to listen and make meaningful connections with my students, in gratitude and service to something bigger than myself.


My Journey to Yoga

Taking a step back and pausing was one of the best decisions of my life. Twelve years ago, anxiety was getting the best of me. My body was sending me signals. Tightness in my chest was a clear message. Stress in my personal and professional life was eating away at my health.

Clearly, it was time for a change. I tried Yoga one memorable Sunday afternoon and was deeply moved by the results. Stress-management and peace-of-mind soon became my friends. Attending weekly classes was invigorating. My journey to becoming a yoga therapist and teacher began two years later.

Fast forward, I set off to India where I learned from master-teachers in the birthplace of yoga. My seven years of intensive studies left me deeply transformed and ready to serve; initiating others into the world of Yoga.

Teaching Yoga is my greatest passion. My daily Yoga practice is my foundation. The many grounding aspects of Yoga deepen my connection to mind-body-spirit wellness and support me as a teacher. Sharing yoga and serving others is a blessing. 

Balance, confidence, focus, resilience, and gratitude are all benefits of my practice. They are integral to my personal and spiritual growth and it can be the same for you. 


Yoga Therapy Internships

  • 60 hours, Krishnamacharya Yoga Mandiram (KYM), Chennai, India.
  • 200 hours, Yoga Therapy for PTSD, Tucson VA, 2013-15

Yoga Therapy Training

  • 1,000 hours, KHYF, Chennai, India

Teacher Trainings

  • Vedic Chanting Teacher Training, 100 hours, KHYF, Chennai, India
  • 500 hours, Healing Yoga Foundation, San Francisco, California
  • 160 hours, Krishnamacharya Yoga Mandiram, Chennai, India
  • 250 hours, Providence Institute, Tucson, Arizona
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