Full Breath

Fullness of Breath

With the practice conscious and diaphragmatic breathing, you will begin to make your inhalation and exhalation fuller and deeper than it normally is.


  • Lay on your back with your knees bent and your feet about a foot apart. Relax your shoulders neck and jaw.

  • Place one hand at the belly and one hand at the chest.

  • Become aware of your breathing.

  • On inhale, consciously expand the chest and abdomen. Pause.

  • On exhale, consciously contract the abdomen bringing your belly button toward the spine. Pause.

  • Feel the rhythm of your breathing.

  • Imagine your body is like an accordion, drawing open as you inhale, opening and widening your back, rib cage and belly as you bring air in.

  • Then, receding as you exhale.

Function: When we inhale, the ribs rise and the spine where they are attached is extended upward and slightly straightened.

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