Breath Awareness

Breath Awareness

When we become aware of our breath and engage in conscious breathing, the breath becomes smooth and the nervous system balances. This way, the body and mind will become calm and relaxed, releasing tension. You might even find yourself yawning! Better yet, oxygen will increase in the body to energize your whole system.

Begin to explore your relationship with your breath and experience the miraculous way the breath helps the body take care of itself.


• Place a rug, towel or yoga mat on the floor and place a pillow at one end.

• Lay down on the floor, placing your head on the pillow and bend your knees, keeping your feet about a foot apart (or hip distance apart).

• Bring your hands to your lower belly and rest your hands on your stomach.

• Close your eyes and allow your whole body to release and soften, becoming more and more comfortable. Adjust your body as needed.

• Become aware of your breath without trying to improve it. Inhale and exhale from your nose (if your nostrils are not clear, breath gently through your mouth.)

• Listen to your breath and notice the rhythm of your breathing. Allow the breath to become smooth and to naturally soften.

• Allow the body to continue to soften.

• As you practice, the mind’s attention is on the body and the breath.

• Try to do the practice without feelings or thoughts.

• As thoughts enter the mind, notice those thoughts and let them go, bringing your attention back to the body and breath.

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