Connect Breath and Movement

Connecting Breath with Movement

One of the first steps of our Yoga practice will be to consciously link the breath and body. We do this by allowing every movement to be led by the breath. We will learn to become fully engaged with our actions.


  • Start by inhaling your arms into the air. As you begin your breath, begin your movement. Follow by a short pause.

  • Then, exhale the arms back down. As you begin your exhale, begin your movement. Follow by a short pause.

  • Practice this for several repetitions as you begin to feel that your breath is leading your movements.

  • As you inhale the arms up, feel the breath fill your chest and rib cage.

  • As you exhale, gently move your belly toward the spine.

Function: When we connect breath with movement, the breath facilitates the movement of the body and the spine for a full breath and deep stretch while focusing the mind in one direction.

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