One-on-One Yoga Therapy:
Personalized Yoga for Health and Healing

Would you like to discover the many ways that one-on-one Yoga Therapy can support you?


Let's begin with a personalized Yoga practice: created for your health needs, lifestyle, and potential within.


Sounds empowering, right?

That's because making a positive choice to incorporate Yoga into your every day supports you in moving into harmony. And, that means greater balance, health, and wellness for you!

Begin Your
Yoga Therapy Journey

Your One-on-One Yoga Therapy Journey begins with a 60-minute assessment. We'll talk about why you are interested in learning Yoga and how we can work together to develop a personalized practice for you.


Your introductory appointment also includes a postural assessment and and sharing any health concerns and personal wellness goals.

Your 4-or-8 Week
Class Series

Your Yoga Therapy Journey begins with a four-or-eight series of classes (including your assessment).


During the course of your four-or-eight week series, you will steadily progress to comfortably practice and experience a Yoga practice created for your health needs, lifestyle, and potential within.  

Creating Your
Home Yoga Practice

I will support you in developing your own home Yoga practice. We will work together to create a practice that fits your health needs, lifestyle, and potential within.


Practices may include Yoga postures, breathing, sound, and visualization in carefully chosen ways to support you on your healing path.