Morning Contemplation Center

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Saturdays Online

7:30-8:00 a.m. (Arizona Time)

This Breakfast for the Soul is perfect for both the novice and veteran practitioner. Participants enjoy the benefits of mantra and meditation in this experiential class. The combination of gentle movement, mantra and visualization builds a bridge to the benefits of mindfulness.

Yoga Joy Online

Hosted on Zoom

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Breath, Mantra and Movement

Breathing and Mantra

Once you have registered for this online mantra and meditation class, you will receive an email with descriptions of the types of breathing techniques and the mantra that we will practice. You can familiarize yourself with the descriptions for a greater understanding and comfort level.


Connecting Breath with Movement

All movements in class will be gentle and simple, for example, raising your arms into the air on inhale and lowering your arms on exhale, with the recommendation to move in a comfortable range of motion.