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Mantra-Meditation 12-Week Series

These experiential classes open your heart while building a bridge to mindfulness. Picture yourself entering a quiet, soft space while feeling a deep sense of peace. Clarity, where moments of insight arise through visualization, is sure to follow. A gentle and safe exploration of sound and the power of mantra for Self-realization is the icing on the cake. When these classes end with mindful attention in a meditative space you can gift your Self to returning to your day with ease at a slow, comfortable pace.

Open Doorways

Begin Mantra-Meditation Classes

In your first one-on-one session, we'll meet to talk about your wellness goals and how a personalized mantra-meditation practice can support you. I will share more about how we will work together to explore sound, mantra, and meditation along with gentle breath and movement.

This introductory session includes review of any current health concerns and past or present injuries for gentle movement and voice.

After we meet, I will prepare a customized mantra-meditation plan specifically for you to commence in your first of 11 weekly follow-up sessions.

Embrace Sound

After your assessment is complete, we'll dig into one-on-one mantra-meditation classes. Mantra and sound is a powerful Yoga tool for healing and becoming grounded in a spiritual practice so we'll begin with a simple mantra, gentle breathing, and movement.

I will guide you as you steadily progress and we co-create a practice that supports your goals, health needs, and lifestyle. In each new class, I will check in to understand changes occurring within you and listen to feedback about your practice and make adjustments based on your progress.

As we progress through the first six weeks of classes, your mind-body-spirit health will shift and we will toward advancing to a new mantra in your next six weeks of classes.

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