Connect to Your Happy Place: Executive One-on-One Yoga

8-Week Series

Choose to Breathe Today

Do you find your focus easily slipping away? Are you overbooked and consumed by emails? Work-Life Balance yoga can help get you back on track with simple tools that connect you to your breath. 

Accessible Yoga

Forget about the back bending and ultra twisting reputation. This Yoga is gentle and accessible! Book early morning or lunchtime sessions, on-site, for your convenience. I promise, you won't get sweaty!

Hit the Pause Button

You've probably noticed that taking a break from work makes you happy, flexible, and focused. Sometimes taking a break comes down to blocking time on your calendar.

Make Time for You

Enjoy stress-relieving practices during this 8-Week series of one-on-one yoga classes. Embracing change will be s a piece of cake when you add a few Yoga tools to your suite of daily habits. Start getting focused and making positive connections today. Your leadership potential will sky rocket!

Your Feel-Good Toolbox Has Arrived

Return to your Happy Place time and time again with your personal yoga take-home toolbox.



Make interpersonal connections

Find time for self-reflection

Respond with compassion

Demonstrate gratitude

Understand self


Manage stress and expectations 

​Navigate change with composure

Make a positive impact

Respond vs. react

Lead confidently

Find your grounded center  

Stay focused and attentive

Make decisions with ease

Train the mind to focus

Respond with clarity

Work-Life Balance Yoga:

Executive One-on-One Yoga

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