Ignite Your Creative Sight

Yoga Doodle Wonderland

A delightful blend of movement, breath, and sound for creative expansion and relaxation with doodling, collage, and paper craft. (Includes Zentangle patterns)

Sunday, September 24

9:30 a.m-4:00 p.m.

Cost: $150 (materials included)


The Day's Timeline


9:30a - Movement and Breathing

10:00a - Doodle and Collage

11a - Begin Accordion Booklet Construction

11:30a - Movement and Guided Relaxation

Noon - Lunch Break


12:45p - Movement and Breathing

1:15p - Doodle and Collage

2:15p - Movement and Guided Meditation

2:45p - Doodle, Collage, Complete Booklet

3:45p - Wrapup

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Yoga Doodle

Get Out of Your Head and Into your Heart

We begin with breath and movement to focus and connect within. As the Yoga practice takes effect, you begin to surrender your worries, tension, and concerns.

Explore and Follow Your Intuition

Heart-opening yoga practices ignite your creativity and set your mind at ease. With space to listen and intuition to guide you, you'll doodle, collage, and choose words and phrases that bring voice to your dreams.

Take Home a Personal Keepsake

You craft a masterpiece a collage of patterns, shapes, and messages to adorn your handmade object an accordion booklet and personal keepsake for your favorite nook, mantle, or alter.

My Yoga Doodle Delight

Doodles Inspired by Studying Yoga in India

When I was studying Yoga in India, our days were long and intense. I'd spend many days struggling to stay awake because of jet lag. But, I was always captivated by our Yoga Philosophy lectures. I'd find myself immersed in the subject, attentive and in a zone while doodling in my notebook. Something about doodling kept me listening and following along with ease and mindfulness.

Discovering Organic Shapes and Symbols

My doodles took on organic shapes, trees, plants, flowers, and intricate designs. They resembled the shapes of the Indian architecture and landscape taken in on my walks to class. My notebooks were filled with doodles. It was then that the idea for Yoga Doodle was born. I decided I would share my passion for Yoga and doodling as a combination class one day. Many years later, that day is here.

Prana Flows and Creativity Expands

When I started studying and practicing Yoga my creativity skyrocketed. I fell in love with book arts while taking painting, illustration, and graphic design classes at the University of Arizona. My interest was in combining words, poetry, painting, collage, and drawing into personally meaning stories and design in the shape of accordion booklets. Its the perfect space for beauty to emerge.

Three Loves = Passion

I found the intersection between Yoga, books arts, and doodling one quiet morning after finishing a meditation session. Feeling especially creative, I took out my black marker and beautiful paper and began to mix doodles with collage graphic images, words in an accordion booklet. I paused to stretch and revitalize with Yoga sun salutations. And, voila, the inspiration for my Yoga Doodle workshop was reborn.

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