Desk Detox

Back Care Class and Working Person's Respite

Class is Full

Six-Week Series: Wednesdays, Oct. 19 to Nov. 23

5:30 p.m.

This gentle back class includes a full-body stretch that softens and massages the muscles along your back while you gently move into relaxation.

Imagine, you'll soften through your neck and shoulders and muscles in your upper and lower back will release and tension will dissipate. You'll enjoy opening in your hips and hamstrings and your chest, shoulders and neck.

Your restorative full-body movement comes full circle with a contemplative breath and body meditation to complete your segue to the rest of the week grounded and at peace.

What to Expect in Class

  • The individual needs of each student are addressed with modified Yoga poses.
  • Everyone feels at ease while exploring breathing practices at a pace that allows improved breath capacity over time.
  • Your connection and bonding with like-minded Soul-Playmates is seamless, leaving you looking forward to returning to class week after week.
  • Classes are perfect for both the novice and veteran practitioner.

Class Benefits

  • Learn Traditional Yoga Poses
  • Enhance Body Awareness
  • Broaden Strength & Improve Flexibility
  • Diminish Stress
  • Revitalize Energetic Pathways
  • Improve Focus & Attention
  • Explore Breathing Practices
  • Experience Full-Body Relaxation
  • Create and Enjoy New Relationships
  • Enjoy Small-Group Class Size

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