Couples Yoga Classes:
Deepen Your Connection

There are many ways to get connected as a couple and sharing your Yoga Journey is one. You can be each other's accountability partners, champions, and have some fun!

Enjoy yoga classes in the company of a partner, friend or companion while exploring Yoga that connects breath with movement in an experiential class for two.

Begin Your
Couples Yoga Journey

Discover how Yoga can support you as a couple and individually.


Before commencing a class together,
I provide a 30-minute individual assessment for each partner.


This includes reviewing your health and wellness goals and a postural assessment.

Start with a 6-Week Couples Series

In your Six-Week Series, I provide a couples practice based on the needs of each partner.


Your assessments are included as part of the six-week series.


Each week of classes are progressive and support your individual health needs.

Creating Your
Home Yoga Practice

As an option, you can work with me to develop individual home practices for both partners.


After consecutive weeks of practice, 
I will support each partner in developing your own home practice, meeting your personal health needs and lifestyle.