Just for You Yoga

BodyWise Beginner Six-Week Series

Have you always wanted to try yoga, but find group classes intimidating?

Or the online classes you've tried just aren't doing the trick? Personalized yoga classes are a wonderful way to begin. Awaken your mind-body-spirit connection with Yoga essentials for newcomers!

Open Doorways

Step 1: Begin BodyWise Beginner Classes

In your first one-on-one session, we'll meet to talk about yoga for beginners and how a personalized Yoga practice can support you.

This introductory session will include a strength and flexibility discovery and a review of any current or past injuries and current health concerns.

I will introduce you to gentle breath and movement and explain more about Yoga essentials for newcomers. After we meet, I will prepare a customized Yoga plan specifically for you to commence in your first of five weekly follow-up sessions.

Step 2: Embrace Embodiment

After your assessment is complete, we'll dig into one-on-one Yoga. You will start to reconnect to your body and become more body aware, fully engaged, grounded, and embodied. I will guide you as you steadily progress and we co-create a Yoga practice that supports your goals, health needs, and lifestyle. Each new class includes checking in, review of your practice, feedback and adjustments based on your progress. You'll begin to learn foundational breathing and movement and understand poses typically taught in yoga classes as well as enjoy benefits of practices especially created for your needs.

Step 3: Celebrate Your Progress

Your Yoga Journey includes a customized Yoga practice that you can do at home. We'll talk about the best time of day for you to practice as well as the ideal length and time you can devote to a daily practice.

Your customized practice will be carefully chosen to help you meet your goals and support you on your healing path.

When you've completed your introductory Yoga classes and BodyWise embodiment, we'll celebrate your progress, and you will be ready to choose what's next in your Yoga journey.

Set up your complimentary 15-minute discovery session.

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